April 2019 Equipment for sale

Dear Customers and Friends,  

Attached you’ll find our used semiconductor equipment updates for April 2019.  

The first excel list is our Korea equipment closed bid auction.

We are participating in a closed bid-auction for the attached list of 102 items of 300 mm top-of-the-range fab equipment , including such popular brands as:

  • Nikon SF 130 exposure tools
  • Varian Viista implanters,
  • Novellus Speed CVD
  • AMAT Endura, Mirra and Producer GT
  • Axcelis Optima and Paradigm implanters,
  • Lam 2300 etchers and much more.

We will be adding more photos and details of the equipment to our web listings as it becomes available.   We welcome your requests for items on this list for immediate purchase via a process of closed-bidding as soon as possible.  

The 2nd excel list is a list of around 900 items which have recently come available for re-sale, including several complete and partial lines of solar, FPD, assembly and semiconductor equipment.

The 3rd Excel file is a list of the equipment owned by SDI-Fabsurplus Group of Companies and in stock in our warehouses in Italy, Texas and Malaysia.  

Here is our current line-up of sales people:-  

Stephen Howe (Italy and Texas)
Tel (USA) 830-388-1071 and Italy (+39) 335-710-7756 info@fabsurplus.com Duncan Lovett (UK)
Tel (UK) +44 7410-015-583 duncan@fabsurplus.com
Nobuyuki “Nick” Matsushima (Japan)
Tel  +81 90-1032-7512 nickm@fabsurplus.com
Sean “Sung Ho” Bang (California and Korea)
Tel +1 408-593-7699 seanbang@fabsurplus.com  

Thanks very much for your attention to my message. We look forwards to getting your requests for equipment soon.  

Yours sincerely,

SDI Fabsurplus Group
Stephen Howe
Company Owner