Front-End Fab Equipment for sale via closed bidding

Dear Customers and Friends,

We are pleased to announce a sale of front-end fab equipment via closed bidding as per the attached list.

We are participating in a closed bid-auction for the attached list of 30 items of recently de-installed top-of-the-range fab equipment

Please go to the links given to see photos of the items for sale.

95353Applied MaterialsCARINADRY ETCHER1300 mm01.06.2013
95354Applied MaterialsDPS- II Metal(3+1)DRY ETCHER1300 mm01.06.2006
95355Applied MaterialsREFLEXIONPOLY CMP1300 mm01.06.2004
95356Applied MaterialsSEMvison G3REVIEW-SEM1300 mm01.06.2006
95357AxcelisPARADIGM XEHIGH ENERGY IMPLANTER1300 mm01.06.2007
90687CANONES6248 NM SCANNER1300 MM01.07.2004
90087DISCODFL7160WBL LASER SAW1300 mm01.06.2012
90089DISCODFL7160WBL LASER SAW (DAF Type)1300 mm01.06.2012
95359DNSFC-3000WET STATION1300 mm01.06.2006
95360DNSFC-3000WET STATION (Pre-metal clean process)1300 mm01.06.2005
95358DNSSS-3000WAFER SCRUBBER1300 mm01.06.2007
93849ESI9830Laser Fuser20300 mm01.07.2006
93846ESI9850IRLaser Fuser7300 mm01.05.2006
95361HitachiIS3000DARK FIELD INSPECTION1300 mm01.06.2007
95362HitachiRS5000SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE1300 mm01.06.2007
95363HitachiS-5500SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPE1300 mm01.06.2006
95364KLA-TencorARCHER300OVERLAY METROLOGY SYSTEM1300 mm01.06.2012
95365KLA-TencorFX100THIN FILM MEASUREMENT SYSTEM1300 mm01.06.2005
95366KLA-TencorFX200THIN FILM MEASUREMENT SYSTEM1300 mm01.06.2006
95367KLA-TencorPUMA9000DARK FIELD INSPECTION1300 mm01.06.2006
95368MattsonASPEN 3 PR STRIPSTRIPPER1300 mm01.06.2005
90728NEXTESTMaverick-II PTBitmap Tester1TEST
95369NovellusSPEED STDHDP CVD1300 mm01.06.2005
95371PSKTERA21ASHER STRIPPER1300 mm01.06.2005
95372SemitoolRAIDER 312PLATING SYSTEM1300 mm01.06.2012
95373SEZDavinci DV-38-DSAcid / DHF Cleaner1300 mm01.06.2007
95374TEL Tokyo ElectronCERTAS WINGDRY ETCHER1300 mm01.06.2014
95375VarianVIISTA810EHPMEDIUM CURRENT IMPLANTER1300 mm01.06.2005

You can also download the list in Excel (.XLS) format here.

We welcome your requests for items on this list for immediate purchase via a process of closed-bidding as soon as possible. 

The 2nd list is a list of the equipment owned by SDI-Fabsurplus Group of Companies and in stock in our warehouses in Italy, Texas and Malaysia. We welcome your offers and requests for items by return.

Here is our current line-up of sales people:-

Stephen Howe (Italy and Texas) Tel (USA) 830-388-1071 and Italy (+39) 335-710-7756

Duncan Lovett (UK) Tel (UK) +44 7410-015-583

Nobuyuki “Nick” Matsushima (Japan) Tel  +81 90-1032-7512

Sean “Sung Ho” Bang (California and Korea) Tel +1 408-593-7699

Thanks very much for your attention to my message.

We look forwards to getting your requests for equipment soon.

Yours sincerely,

SDI Fabsurplus Group
Stephen Howe
Company Owner