Used Semiconductor Fab, Assembly, Test , Solar and SMT equipment for sale December 2018

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Please find below the List of Equipment we have for sale this month of December 2018 available to download in Excel (.xls) format.

If you would like to buy any of these items, please send me a mail and let me know the SDI ID number, manufacturer and model of the item of interest.

You can also find all of these items on our website at ,along with photos , a technical description, and pricing in many cases.

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We are also keen in getting your lists of any surplus equipment and major subsystems which you may have for sale, surplus to requirements.

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Complete Solar Cell and Solar Module Manufacturing Lines for Immediate Sale by Private Treaty



On Behalf of Hotpack Packaging (UK) Ltd. and Ash Group Ltd., SDI-Fabsurplus is pleased to announce the immediate sale of a Complete 257 MW Solar Module Manufacturing Facility

  • Location: Wrexham, UK
  • The former production Line of Sharp Solar (UK) Ltd.
  • Recent vintage
  • Still installed
  • Available immediately
  • Can be inspected by appointment
  • Please refer to the attached photos showing details of the equipment and the line layout.
  • Estimated annual output capacity:257 MW per year
  • Virtually all items making up the line were purchased in 2010-2012.
  • Following the $15M USD upgrade in 2010-12, the line was operated for less than 3 years until 2014
  • Made up of 2 lines , each of approximate capacity 128 MWp
  • Currently configured for 3 BB/grid
  • Fully automated with Roller Transport System


A video of the line is shown here:

The Capacity Calculation for the lines is as follows:

  • Cycle time of each tabber per cell produced: 5.23 sec/cell
  • Hours of production Per shift: 12 hours
  • Number of Tabbers per line: qty 7
  • Each module is 245 watts (60 cells, 4W per cell).
  • KW per line produced for each shift: 211.505736 KW
  • Number of shifts per day: 2
  • Number of Lines: 2
  • Number of Working Days Per Year: 337
  • Total MWatt per year: 285.109732
  • We assume total losses of 10%.

Total MWatt production per year: 256.60 MW

The engineering team who installed and supported the line are available to answer any further technical questions, and also for eventual dismantling.
Inspection of the line is available by appointment.

To schedule an inspection ,
please contact our sales manager in the UK, Duncan Lovett.
Duncan has a wide-ranging experience of industrial equipment sales and marketing , built up over the years since 1983.
Duncan can be contacted as follows:

Duncan Lovett
Sales Manager (Europe)
Office: +44 1980 660 965
Mobile: +44 7410-015-583
Skype: duncan_1947



Manufacturer: Baccini
Model: 35MW Solar Cell Line
Description: Solar Cell Print line for Mono or Poly Crystalline Solar Cells
Comments: De-installed and warehoused in March 2012.
Location: Port Klang, Malaysia.
Front end of line (Printers and dryers, chip and crack camera) s/n: 900140650010
Purchased from Q-Cells.
Fully Automated Line Polycrystalline Solar Cells
16% plus efficiency cells

Equipment includes the following:- 
1 x Redmann loader-cassette to conveyor 
1 x Conveyor 
1 x Chip and crack camera 
1 x Baccini Printer 1 
1 x Baccini Dryer 1 
1 x Baccini Printer 2 
1 x Baccini Dryer 2 
1 x Baccini printer 3 
1 x Centrotherm dryer 
1 x Centrotherm fast firing furnace 
1 x Centrotherm cooler 
1 x Centrotherm output table 
1 x Innolas laser 
1 x Baccini unloader to stack 
1 x Baccini color sorter with flipper
1 x Baccini electrical tester
1 x Baccini sorter 1 
1 x Baccini sorter 2 


10MW Solar Cell Line
Model: Monocyrstalline

Description: 10MW Solar Cell Manufacturing line with PECVD
Comments: Fully operational Part Automated and Part Batch Process Monocrystalline Solar Cells Producing 17% efficiency Cell
Please see attachments for Equipment list with photos and the equipment layout.

Equipment list:
*Edge Isolation Machine Brand : CETC Model : M42200-21
*PECVD Machine Name : Beijing Sevenstar Huachuang Electronics
Model No. : L42500-4/ZM Capacity : 100pcs/run per tube
*Graphite Boat for PECVD (for 156x156mm wafer) 100pcs/boat
*Power Supply PEII5K Advance Energy 1. S/N : 728041 2. S/N : 728091
*ACT Stack to Cassette Elec: 230V, 10A
*AMI Presco MTF-S1 Solar cell flipping tool
*AMI Presco MSP 9155A printer
*AMI USP206-2E Conveyer for solar wafer AG exit to Despatch furnace
*Despatch CDF-7210 Furnace Serial No : 175365
*AMI Presco UCL-TS solar wafer picking and placing robot Serial No: 774206/07
*ACT solar wafer picking tool, custom design
* AMI CP-885 printer
* AMI UCL-TS Solar wafer picking and place tool
* AMI MCD2400 Dryer (AL Dryer)
* AMI Presco ACL – TS post dryer solar wafer picker s/n : 774201/07
* Color Sorter Machine ASM B8-80329 Elec : 240V, 13A
* dryer 1 Jing Gang Dryer (custom made) 415V 3Ph, 20A
* Control Unit 4 Control Box for AMI Pick & Place Unit

Location: Port Klang , Malaysia
Current status of the equipment: warehoused and crated

Here is the capacity calculation:- 
1200 X 4watt cells = 4,800 watts (these are LDK 4 watt Solar wafers) 
4,800 watts X 24 Hr = 115,200 
115,200 X 7 days = 806,400 Watts 
806,400 X 52 Wks. = 41,932,800 watts 
41,932,800 X .8 production = 33,546,240 Watts 
The tools have been de-installed and are presently stored in a climate controlled environment. 
The tools are not crated so you may do a visual inspection if desired. 
There are some video showing the line on youtube. 
Here are links to the videos:
This system is used for the production of solar cells by the silk-screen printing process.
This process allows the production of:
-Glass protections
The loading of the system is carried out by a conveyer with vision system. Wafer cells arrive from a conveyer to a Baccini 
conveyer and here, by a vision system the cells are aligned and put on a walking beam, by adjusting the speed of the first
conveyer you can obtain loading heaps of 4 or 6 cells.
Printing head resolution is approx 0.5nm


20 MWp
Model: Solar

Description: Qty 2 Module Manufacturing Lines
Version: 450 cm x 230 cm
Vintage: 01.06.2008
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately

Comments: Please find hereafter the information of 2 production lines of solar panels to sell.

The lines are still installed, and regularly maintained, but not currently producing. We recommend inspection of the equipment to fully understand the conditions of the machines.
Dismantling and re-installation service is available.

The first line was manufactured and acquired in 2007 and started production on 2008
The second line was acquired on 2008.
In 2009 and 2010 the lines were in full production.

At the end of 2011 the production ceased due decrease of demand.
The lines start to produce again from June 2012 to September 2012, when they ceased production definitively.

The acquired technology is SPIRE SOLAR, a partnership between SPIRE and NISSIHINDO, and the oven for lamination is NISSIHINDO

Full production requires about 15 people


Each line has a capacity of 12 MGW, so total capacity is 24 MGW.
The Cell sorter has a capacity of 20 MGW and the simulator of 72 MGW (can serve 6 lines)

The assemblers can produce around 600 cells/hour (depending obviously on the sizes of panels).

In the laminators the maximum size panels are 450 cm x 230 cm.

Please find attached an excel with the inventory of the machinery and pics of the equipment.

The lines are fully automated , except the last step (frame construction).

I look forward to getting your equipment requests and available equipment lists very soon.
Thanks so much for your kind attention.

SDI Fabsurplus LLC
Duncan Lovett
Sales Manager (Europe)
Office: +44 1980 660 965
Mobile: +44 7410-015-583
Skype: duncan_1947

Closed-Bid Warehouse Clearance sale

Following recent purchases, we need to clear out excess inventory at our locations in San Antonio,TX – Avezzano, Italy and Port Klang, Malaysia

All items must go in our closed-bid sale as follows:


You are very welcome to come and view any of the assets by appointment. 
Assets are located in Texas, Italy and Malaysia.

To arrange an viewing, please send a mail to:


All assets will be sold by “Closed bid”.


All bids should be submitted before 17:00 on Tuesday, 25th September , California Time .You will be notified of your winning bids within 48 hours of the closing date.


The amount of the bid submitted for each lot must be equal to or higher than the reserve price.
The minimum total bid is $7,500 USD.


For further details on each line item, please refer to the following Excel file:


257 MW Solar Module Manufacturing Line for sale

Dear Customers and Friends, 

we’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of a complete 257 MW Solar Module Manufacturing line

You can look at some pictures below, and for more information, accurate details and item description, and to inquiry about the Solar Manufacturing line, 

please visit the following page: 

Solar Module Manufacturing Line for Sale at , 

or click here to inquire right now about the 257 MW Solar Manufacturing Line

News February 2018

Dear Customers and Friends,


Established in 1998, SDI-Fabsurplus group of companies buys and sells used Semiconductor, Test, Assembly, SMT and Solar manufacturing equipment worldwide.

Our website is one of the most popular web markets for such equipment.

There is no charge to post equipment on our website.

We have sales agents and offices across EuropeAmerica and Asia

We offer a better solution for used equipment buy and sell, due to:-

  • Our efficient software. We are consistently number 1 in google. 
  • Sales people across the world allow us to network globally.
  • 20 years working with the equipment that we buy and sell.
  • Many successful refurbishment projects completed worldwide.
  • Experience of facility clearing and the supply of complete fab lines.
  • A Strong commitment to do business in line with high ethical standards.


I attach a list of items in excel that we have available for purchase at this time.



Here are some highlights for this month:-

Disco DFE8040 post CMP stress release etcher qty 3 for sale

Accretech / TSK PG300RM wafer back grinder for sale

Agilent / Verigy V6000e test system for sale

Axcelis NV-GSD-HE High Energy implanter for sale

Varian EHP500 Medium Current Implanter for sale :-

Applied Materials xR80 High Current implanter for sale

ASML PAS 5500/750E DUV lithography exposure system for sale

ASML PAS 5500/400D I-line lithography exposure system for sale

ASM I-Hawk Extreme qty 10 wire bonders for sale

Mattson Aspen 3 Strip dual chamber light etcher, 300 mm, for sale

FEI Tecnai 20 S-Twin TEM Microscope for sale


Centrotherm E2000 Phos doping furnace for sale


There are many more items listed for sale at our website,

If you’d like to buy any items, please send a reply to this message or visit our website and send us an inquiry for the items
of interest. If you have items for sale, please send me a list in excel via e-mail, or register and post it yourself on the Fabsurplus website at this link:- .


I look forwards to getting your equipment requests and available equipment lists very soon.


Finally, best wishes for the Chinese Luna New Year Celebrations and “gōng hè xīn xǐ !”.


Yours sincerely,

Stephen Howe

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