Feb 2018 news - disco dfe 8040

News February 2018

Dear Customers and Friends,


Established in 1998, SDI-Fabsurplus group of companies buys and sells used Semiconductor, Test, Assembly, SMT and Solar manufacturing equipment worldwide.

Our website Fabsurplus.com is one of the most popular web markets for such equipment.

There is no charge to post equipment on our website.

We have sales agents and offices across EuropeAmerica and Asia

We offer a better solution for used equipment buy and sell, due to:-

  • Our efficient software. We are consistently number 1 in google. 
  • Sales people across the world allow us to network globally.
  • 20 years working with the equipment that we buy and sell.
  • Many successful refurbishment projects completed worldwide.
  • Experience of facility clearing and the supply of complete fab lines.
  • A Strong commitment to do business in line with high ethical standards.


I attach a list of items in excel that we have available for purchase at this time.



Here are some highlights for this month:-

Disco DFE8040 post CMP stress release etcher qty 3 for sale @fabsurplus.com:-


Accretech / TSK PG300RM wafer back grinder for sale @fabsurplus.com:-


Agilent / Verigy V6000e test system for sale  @fabsurplus.com:-


Axcelis NV-GSD-HE High Energy implanter for sale @fabsurplus.com:-


Varian EHP500 Medium Current Implanter for sale @fabsurplus.com :-


Applied Materials xR80 High Current implanter for sale @fabsurplus.com:-


ASML PAS 5500/750E DUV lithography exposure system for sale @fabsurplus.com:-


ASML PAS 5500/400D I-line lithography exposure system for sale @fabsurplus.com:-


ASM I-Hawk Extreme qty 10 wire bonders for sale @fabsurplus.com:-


Mattson Aspen 3 Strip dual chamber light etcher, 300 mm, for sale @fabsurplus.com:-


FEI Tecnai 20 S-Twin TEM Microscope for sale @Fabsurplus.com:-



Centrotherm E2000 Phos doping furnace for sale @Fabsurplus.com:-



There are many more items listed for sale at our website, www.fabsurplus.com

If you’d like to buy any items, please send a reply to this message or visit our website and send us an inquiry for the items
of interest. If you have items for sale, please send me a list in excel via e-mail, or register and post it yourself on the Fabsurplus website at this link:-

https://www.fabsurplus.com/sdi_catalog/signup/registration .


I look forwards to getting your equipment requests and available equipment lists very soon.


Finally, best wishes for the Chinese Luna New Year Celebrations and “gōng hè xīn xǐ !”.


Yours sincerely,

Stephen Howe

Company Owner
SDI Fabsurplus Group
Phone: +1 830 388 1071 (Mobile)
+39 335 710 7756 (Mobile, Italy)
Skype: Stephencshowe