Newsletter April 2020

Dear Customers and Friends,

You can find below our “Equipment for Sale” and “Spare Parts for Sale” lists for this month.

I have included also the location of the items, so as you can work out the logistics more easily.

We are fully operational during the COVID-19 emergency.

In fact, we have been very busy with on-line orders.

IMHO, here are this month’s most interesting items:-

Applied Materials Centura 5200 EPI HTF-EPI Deposition, 3 CH ATM 200 mm

Applied Materials Centura RTP RTP system with 1 X Polygen Chamber SiN Process 200 mm

Axcelis Fusion PS3 UV Cure System 2 CH UV Bake

Axcelis NV-GSD-200E2 Medium Current Ion Implanter, 180kV, 150 mm

Bio-Rad Q7/Q8 Overlay metrology Tool

Canon FPA 5000 ES2+ 248 nm lithography exposure system, will do 0.18 um

Centrotherm E2000 Horizontal diffusion furnace for POCl3 doping

Dage 2400PC Wire Pull Tester with die shear load cell

Disco EAD 6750 with Hanmi 3800LD Package Singulation Saw with Cleaner

FEI Quanta Inspect fp Tungsten filament SEM

KLA-TENCOR AIT UV Dark field wafer particle inspection system

KOKUSAI DD-853V Vertical Diffusion Furnace, Phosphor Anneal Process

NEXTEST MAVERICK PT II Automated Test Equipment (Qty 4 available)

PlasmaTherm SLR 740 Dual Chamber RIE

Roth & Rau SiNA Plus PECVD – Deposition of Silicon Nitride

SDI FAaST-330 Dielectric Characterization Tool with COCOS & Epi-t for up to 300mm Wafers

TEL TOKYO ELECTRON P8XL Fully Automatic Wafer Prober (Gold Chuck)

Verigy / Agilent V6000e Test system (2 available)

I put the full list of items for sale this month below, which also is attached here in excel format.

We have many more items for sale on our website. Make sure to visit to find many more equipment bargains.

Corona Virus PPE and Facemask Appeal.

I have received the following request for a large quantity of PPE from the charity “Doctors without Borders”:-

Doctors Without Borders,, operating in 70 countries worldwide and responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic, is in desperate need of protective equipment for its patients and front-line health workers.

We need 3.6M respirator masks (N95 or FFP2 or higher) and millions of surgical masks (Type IIR or higher) over the next six months to ramp up our life-saving medical work.   

Would you or someone in your network have access to this type of protective equipment? We will accept donations or would be willing to sign a long-term purchase agreement.” 

If you can help, please contact directly.

Our April “Featured Items” Sales list

Here is our “Featured Items” April sales list, click the button to download the Excel file:

Wanted Items list

Here is a list of recent wanted items, attached in excel. If you can sell us any of these items, please send us the details of the tools you can offer, preferrably with price:

Spare Parts for Sale

Here also an up-to-date catalog of our Spare Parts Equipment for sale, in Excel format:

Thanks so much for your kind attention, and please make sure that you and your family stay safe from the CoronaVirus danger.

Yours sincerely,

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