Refurbishing a Nikon Stepper : A SDI Success Story

The scope of the project described here was of allowing our client to see the Nikon NSR 1755i7A stepper we have in temperature controlled storage working and exposing wafers to the best possible resolution at our clean facility in Avezzano, Italy, and then crating the equipment for shipment to our customer. Required Environment In order […]

Used KLA-Tencor Inspection and Metrology Equipment refurbishment capabilities

Based on the 20 year experience of our staff members, SDI-Fabsurplus has been developing the capability to support and refurbish KLA-Tencor wafer inspection , particle detection and metrology systems and install them to OEM specifications. Since September 2011, has further expanded it’s technical support capabilities by appointment of a lead KLA support engineer. SDI-Fabsurplus […]